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And that ability is AVAIL-ability. As you might have guessed, the word is getting out to the meeting and events world about The Chris Blackmore show. Event planners are quickly locking him into the best dates and recommending them to their fellow event professionals.

When you find an act this great, it’s time to act! So get your event calendar and schedule the Chris Blackmore Show for your next banquet, kick-off meeting, annual celebration, or other important special event.

The Chris Blackmore Show may be the best value you will ever find when you are ready to make your next event tremendous.
Have you heard about the “Disney Approach to Quality Service” (DAQS) program?

When Fortune 500 Companies sent their top leaders to Disneyworld for this training, guess who Disney asks to entertain and motivate them? CHRIS BLACKMORE! Other than Mickey Mouse, Chris is the only entertainer Disney trusts with these esteemed clients.

Here’s a note recently received from a client who called to book Chris Blackmore for her corporate holiday event

"Chris was hilarious. Because of the personalization (he obviously did his homework) I laughed more than any stand-up act I've seen. Everyone in attendance had fun because of his act!!"
- Anne Banducci, anne_banducci@countrywide.com
Meeting Coordinator. Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.

So, who is this guy Chris Blackmore?? Well, he’s the consummate entertainer. He’s a seasoned comedian. A master magician. A quick wit. And perhaps most of important of all, he is one of those rare individuals who also happens to be a heck of a nice guy. The kind of guy you’d want to invite into your home.
Here’s what another event organizer wrote to us recently when she invited The Chris Blackmore Show to her company’s annual event:
Fantastic! Wonderful! Professional! Incredibly funny! A perfect way to kick off our event! I could go on and on… Chris Blackmore is a pleasure to work with.

"Chris had our group in absolute stitches—his quick wit, evident research and professionalism made the night perfect and incredibly enjoyable for everyone in attendance. I can’t wait to figure out another event in which I can use Chris! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
--Patti Moorhead, Administrative Assistant
Kaiser Permanente Medical Group (714) 279-4103

When You Schedule The Chris Blackmore Show
For Your Next Event You Will Experience:
Excitement! Magic is super popular right now. And Chris Blackmore knows how to deliver the oohs and ahhs that will delight your group. He’s been a performing member of the world famous Magic Castle for 20 years.
Fun! Chris is hilarious. He uses comedy to connect with your audience in a way that will have them rolling!
A Customized Presentation! Chris accomplishes this for you by:
• Having a pre-event conference call with you so that he can work WITH YOU to make your program goals a reality.
• Doing his homework before he arrives at your event. When you meet Chris in person he will already know about your company’s values, slogans, customers, key personalities and more!
• Offering you simple staging options! The Chris Blackmore Show can be presented to your audience in 3 different flexible formats.

1) A side-splitting one man Comedy & Magic act.
2) The larger Comedy Magic & Illusion show (Chris performs with his lovely wife Virginia and they do some of the hottest stage illusions in the world of magic).
3) HEAR THINK LEARN - The Vision Method, a comedy-magic and motivational program!

So, like I told you at the beginning of this letter. The Chris Blackmore Show will FIT your next event! This means it will fit your audience. It will fit your budget. It will fit the dynamics of your room and your event agenda.

Sorry! You Can’t Book The Chris Blackmore Show

(Unless You Hurry)!
OK. I got excited. I exaggerated about not being able to book The Chris Blackmore Show. But not by much. No kidding, in all of the years I have been in the professional speaking and entertainment industry, I have never met a performer with as many abilities as Chris (and his wonderful wife Virginia) Blackmore.

Trust me on this one, Chris Blackmore’s available dates won’t stay available for long.

In 2008 The Chris Blackmore Show is the best value for your next event.

Don’t wait and risk feeling disappointed because your date is already filled!